BMW M3 G80 | M4 G82 2020+ - FI Exhaust Valvetronic Catback

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FI Valvetronic Exhaust - BMW G80 M3 | G82 M4 S58 2021+

Comes with: Front Pipe + Mid X-Pipe + Valvetronic Muffler + Quad Silver Tips

Frequency Intelligent is proud to release their new Valvetronic exhaust for the 2021+ BMW M3 + M4. This system is a cat-back that utilizes the OEM valves off the stock exhaust. The new FI system will work exactly like your stock exhaust opens & closes their valves! Because the system utilizes the OEM valves no remote control is required. If you would like to opt for a wireless remote then you can add the Bluetooth wireless remote app option! 


  • Compatible with stock cat pipe
  • Compatible with OEM elect. valve
  • No Remote Control Including (as a default)

Customer Reviews

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Cody Lewis
Legit and fast shipping

Ordered this for my M car. Shipping was pretty quick about 5-6 days! Huge crate from DHL. Be prepared for that