Toyota Tacoma | White Raptor Lights For TRD Pro Grille

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PLUG & PLAY CLIP-IN style LEDs. These LED lights are specifically for the TRD Pro grille, they snap right into the grille. They are plug & play so you can plug it into whichever fuse you'd like. Example, if you want them to come on with the headlights, plug it into the headlight fuse. If you'd like them to come on when the engine is running, plug it into the INJ fuse.

Included in the Kit:

 - 4 LEDs, plug & play wiring harness

- You will need: add a fuse and a ground (8$ worth of parts)

Fitment: 2016 - Current | Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro grille 


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Customer Reviews

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Nick Walker

White Raptor Lights For TRD Pro Grille

Looks great with the TRD Pro grille

I was able to install these with no prior knowledge or experience. Lots of videos showing how to install on youtube, but it would certainly help to have a video linked on the product page. Especially one that is specific to install with just the add a fuse rather than splicing to get both headlight and DRL functionality.

Great experience overall and awesome addition to the look of the front of the taco.